PayPal Registration Walkthrough

PayPal is becoming a popular payment alternative. Creating a PayPal account is easy and can be done within a few minutes. In order to start using a PayPal account, you must first learn how to register for PayPal.

How to Register for PayPal

Learning how to register for PayPal is very easy. You should have to follow a few simple steps and you will be up and running in no time.

PayPal is on online merchant services company that is offered to individuals, businesses, and non-profits. Here are the steps to signing up with PayPal:

  • Decide what type of PayPal account that you would like to have; personal or business/non-profit. Being able to identify what type of purpose you will primarily using the PayPal service is important in opening an account, in order for the features that you will require can be identified upon opening the account.
  • Make a choice of the different levels offered by PayPal to choose from: standard, advanced, or pro. These choices offer different options in the type of serving that you will receive. The standard option is free and offers you the ability to send invoices out, accept credit cards on your website, swipe cards anywhere you are, and linking your account to eBay.
  • Once you decided on the payment solution options, you will then need to fill out account information. This process is very quick and can take anywhere from three to five minutes. This allows PayPal gather information about how to set your account up.
  • Verification of your email address is necessary in the sign up process for validity of your identity. This takes a brief moment when a test email will be sent with a link in it that takes back to the PayPal site to finish the signup.
  • Finally, you will have the opportunity to begin browsing around your new account created with PayPal. There will be the opportunity to see the PayPal account before using the new merchant service account or personal account by going through short tutorials. These tutorials give advice on how to get started in taking payments or purchasing items with your new online account.
  • Start sending out invoices and purchasing online. This account once it is setup can be used immediately. You will also have the opportunity to link the account with a personal or business checking account to fund PayPal account. This bank account linking will also allow you to setup your checking account to be your back up funding for your PayPal account.
After Signing Up

The signup process with PayPal is simple and efficient. This particular merchant service allows you to utilize their online payment buttons that already have coding in them to take payment the way you deem as best. Each of the new mediums for your customer in order for them to experience.

The dashboard on the PayPal account is customer friendly and yet has many professional components. The PayPal merchant center will track the payments received, store company information, perform reports through a query that requires you to set up, and many more. These features that are available on the dashboard are simple to use.

PayPal is a merchant service that anyone personal or business can set up in less than 10 minutes and be ready to use the account immediately and begin requesting money and purchasing items online. This fast setup adds to the efficiency and the convenience of opening an account with PayPal.

PayPal Registration and Verification for Filipinos

Many Filipino freelancers do not use PayPal because they think that they need a credit card to get their PayPal accounts verified. There is a surefire way to get your PayPal verified within minutes even if you don’t have a credit card. All you need is a SmartMoney debit card. SmartMoney works like a Mastercard debit card, which means it has the 16 digit numbers and the CVV code in the back, like any other Mastercard credit card. So how do you use it to register?

  • You need to go to a Smart Wireless Center in any Philippine malls, and get the card for Php100.00. It does not come with funds yet, so you have to deposit funds to it. The initial deposit is PhP 500.00, which is also necessary during the verification process. PayPal will charge $2 to the debit card later, so it is best you deposit funds to your SmartMoney when you get the chance.
  • Next step is to access your unverified PayPal account. Click on where it says “Get Verified”. You will be asked to put in your Full Name, which should be the name you used when you purchased the SmartMoney card. Type in your address, which should also be the same address you used during the SmartMoney application.
  • It will then have a field for the debit card numbers. Do not put those in just yet. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: You have to open the Smart mobile services option in your cell phone. Look for Smartmoney, then go to Internet Txns. It will ask you if you want to unlock your card for Internet transactions. You have to put in your PIN for Smartmoney so that you can unlock it. You will then receive a confirmation that you have successfully unlocked your card for transactions online. YOU HAVE 15 MINUTES before it will be locked again.
  • So go on ahead and put in those numbers. The next field is for the CVV code. The CVV is the 3 digit code you will find on the strip where you are supposed to sign your signature at the back of the debit card. Put those numbers in, too. Then click Submit or Ok. A pop-up screen will open indicating that your card will be charged $2 for the verification, and that it will be credited back to your account after the process is completed.
  • Once you OK’d the transaction, a message will come into your mobile phone, indicating that a charge has been made to your Smartmoney. A code will be given, too. That 4 digit code is your PayPal verification code. Go back to your PayPal overview page and click “Confirm Credit Card”. A pop up will then open asking you to put in the 4 digits given to you. Put those in and VOILA! Your PayPal is verified.
Where Can PayPal Be Used

PayPal is one of the leading payment methods used on internet stores and other businesses. PayPal can also be used to purchase items in stores by the use of certain mobile phone applications. For example, Google wallet enables people to link their PayPal accounts to their mobile phone so they can pay on the go.

PayPal is a fast, easy, and efficient way of issuing and accepting payments. These are just a few steps that will make your PayPal Registration Walkthrough a breeze.

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Images – screenshots from #1 (PayPal) #2 (SmartMoney official website)

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