Do I need to Write Longer Articles to Rank on Search Engines?

Who can answer this important question? As a blogger myself, I am desperate to be on top, but how? Can I be on top by writing 1500 word article? Can I be on top by just writing short article but straight to the point?

I read lots of articles every day, especially for, my favorite social blogging network that pays writer. Honestly, I love reading shorter articles than longer ones (not less than 400 characters though). Why? I am on a hurry. While writing this one, I need to prepare myself for my day job.

So do writing longer articles help readers in a hurry?

No. I may skip it. I want a straight forward answer for my question. As for entertainment, I won’t read longer articles to entertain myself as I have more stuff to do.

But do shorter articles rank on search engines?

Yes. For a 10-month experience, shorter articles on rank on the first few pages of Google. Aside from that, most of them were not well-structured in terms of SEO. What it teaches us?

  1. Google and major search engines do not only indexed content based on length.
  2. Google and major search engines have improved their indexing process – they understand the message of the articles, they do not indexed by keywords anymore.
  3. People are in a hurry, yes, I am.

What do you think? Drop your comment if you have awesome ideas to share. Thanks.

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  1. Hi Prime,
    The rule of thumb I always use for page length is a minimum of 1000 words for my landing page and at least 500 words for inner pages. Following these guidelines has help my rankings.
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