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There are reasons why you have to join Day2DayTips.com, a sister site of COD, well to be honest, the concept is not original – but why we are proud on inviting bloggers and writers to write for us? In marketing, copying concept is not bad. Successful marketers compiled working concepts from other marketers who are ahead of them and use it to build a powerful blue print for them to kick-start their own. Why you have to join us and motivate others too?


  1. In today’s world, where blogs are emerging in great numbers, we need to work hand in hand to survive. Depending on Google for traffic won’t work that fast if you won’t spend thousands of Dollars for trusted SEO companies.
  2. By joining, you will own all the articles you posted on the site. And while you wait for months to earn if you create your own blog, you earn on D2DTips right away, the minimum threshold is $1.00, you can reach that in  no time.
  3. Paying writers by joining the site through revenue sharing is far more effective than hiring a ghost writer. We rather pay writers who interact and promote their posts naturally on search engines, and beside, readers love to read posts from writers who practically share information based on their real life experiences.
  4. Joining Day2DayTips is cost free. Instead of building a blog from scratch, you will now have a platform to blog with, a professional blog taken care by yours truly. Its fast, SEO packed, you have nothing to worry about.
  5. Writers earn from sharing Tips or articles about making and saving money. This is the distinct part. We are looking for writers who are willing to share practical tips about making and saving money and it’s not about just about make money blogging. It’s about how you deal with your earnings and expenses in day to day living.

Motivate. Share Your Tips. Get Paid. We pay every first week of the month, minimum threshold is $1.00. Join us, let’s build a community!

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  1. I need to start being more active on D2D. I signed up and posted a couple things, but I’ve been pretty slammed trying to make enough money for the rent. So I haven’t had time to explore shared revenue too much.
    Thanks for sharing though. I love the way the D2D site looks by the way. The layout is very visually appealing.
    Are the earnings updated automatically or do you guys do that manually? Just curious. :o Thanks!

  2. Hi Prime,
    One of the plethora of ways to make money online is blogging. You should blog only if you love to and are passionate about it. Blogging takes work and is not necessary to successfully make money online. That said, D2DTips is a great concept and community.

    Thanks for sharing Eric’s 600+ writing prompts here. I’ll head over there and see if I can find some inspiration.

    Jennifer recently posted…10 Top Motivations for Working and Making Money OnlineMy Profile

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