Step by step process to follow in making money online

Introduction: Making money online has indeed become a very lucrative and prosperous business not only for anybody who has a computer and internet connectivity but also for many people who need to supplement incomes and make profitable use of free, leisure time for commercial purposes. Some of the major avenues could be through blog writing, selling ... Continue Reading ↓

5 Reasons Why You Have to Blog as One – Collaborative Blogging


There are reasons why you have to join, a sister site of COD, well to be honest, the concept is not original – but why we are proud on inviting bloggers and writers to write for us? In marketing, copying concept is not bad. Successful marketers compiled working concepts from other marketers who are ahead of them and use it to build ... Continue Reading ↓

Writing Anything under the Sun – The Old Face of Blogging is back

Couple of  years ago, blogging was a personal web platform for authors who want to share their own world. But it has changed over the course of time. Blogging became commercial. People begun to blog to monetize their contents – people begun thinking how they can convert their contents into money, hence, make money blogging was born. The way ... Continue Reading ↓

3 Essential Tools for Time Management and Making More Money

How often do you find yourself running out of time? Weekly, daily, hourly? For many people, especially, business owners, it seems that there's just never enough time in the day to get everything done. However, the truth of the matter is that, when you know how to take the right decision with the use of your time management tools, you will be able ... Continue Reading ↓

How to Make Money as a Graphic Designer using CorelDRAW?


My friend, Jay, is a graphic designer. He works with several clients on oDesk and He is making more money than I do. His tool is CorelDRAW. He is not a good writer, he admitted it to me, but he is a good graphic designer, a.k.a. an international graphic designer! Writer versus graphic designer I am not sure if it’s appropriate ... Continue Reading ↓

Nine Reasons Why I started A Blog a Year Ago

There are reasons why I started a blog a year ago! These are the reasons why I never quit blogging despite of the challenges I faced along the way, especially Google Panda and Penguin. I love to express my ideas. Since I was a kid, I love expressing my ideas to my classmates. I apply the freedom through writing various subjects. Blogging has ... Continue Reading ↓