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You made the right decision. By visiting my blog, you show that you are really serious about making money online. It is not impossible to make a lot of money even when you are just home. These days, you can supplement your household income by just using your Internet connection, computer, and brains. Do you have skills such as writing, programming or web development? Can you type fast? Do you play online games? Are you connected via Facebook or Twitter? There are earning opportunities for you if you answered yes to any of these questions. The key is in finding the best platform for you.


This is where I can help you. Based on my background and experience, through this blog I will provide information, ideas, walkthroughs and concepts that will certainly help you earn money online for free. Yes, FREE.

Who Am I?

My name is Prime Aque and I am an experienced freelancer, blogger and a self-taught web developer. I have a strong background in working online both as a freelancer and a self-employed online earner. I recently launched this blog so that I can compile valuable information for other freelancers who need tips and ideas on how to become successful while working online.

Like many of you, I have a day job, one that pays well. I enjoy my job, and I earn enough from it, but we all know that enough is never enough, right? Because of the Internet boom, a lot of my friends have ventured out to online earning opportunities. They have enticed me to try my hand out and see for myself. I started freelancing years ago just to know what the fuss was about. And yes, my friends were right. It is really possible to earn online. One of my friends is a successful online blogger, too, and he was one of the very first people who convinced me that it is really possible to earn money online.

I will not kid you, it took me quite sometime before I figured things out and finally earned enough experience to be comfortable with my online earnings. Now, to fulfill my need to help other “struggling” freelancers like I was in the past, I created blogs such as this one.

What are my resources?

There is no better teacher than EXPERIENCE, a philosopher once said. And that is true for me. I firmly believe that I have the insight, skills and experience to become an authority on how to make money online. I worked for many clients that I met and worked with through different freelance platforms such as oDesk, Getafreelancer, Elance and many others. This is why I know what I am talking about.

If my experience is insufficient to explain a concept or an idea, I turn to reliable resources online. I read, and read a lot. I gather all of these information and apply them to myself to see whether the concept will actually work for me or not. If I see that it’s good, I compile it and include it here so that you can get the information fully digested, tested, and proven.

Why is CashOutDecently Unique and Reliable?

As I mentioned, the information you get in COD about how to make money online for free is digested, reliable, proven and best of all: FREE! I won’t charge you just to learn how to earn money from Elance, or how to become an oDesk freelancer. A lot of websites out there give partial information about earning from the Internet, only to bait you to buying products that you do not need. There are other websites that will not give you any useful information at all. You should know by now that it is important that your resource is highly reliable, because it will eventually affect your capability to earn money online.

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The topics I plan to incorporate into the CashOutDecently blog will be about different ways to make money online. Most of the information will be from fellow bloggers and successful online marketers who share their ideas with me and a lot more people.

What To Expect from CashOutDecently?


I will not promise to post every day. True to a lot of things, Quality Takes Time. If you look at most mass-produced things, the quality is diminished, right? So this blog will not be your typical content mill. This blog will not be like the others out there that just post irrelevant content just to have something to post. One thing that I can promise you, though, is that you will get high-quality information from COD. Some of the content published here will be contributions from experienced freelancers and bloggers from all over the world. These articles will focus on one topic: MAKING MONEY ONLINE. I always ask my friends, “Why waste your time on online stuff that will not help you at all, especially in earning money?” This is true. A lot of people waste their time, words, and money on irrelevant activities such as Facebook posts that are nonsense.

Do you know that you can earn money by posting your thoughts and opinion on online forums or taking paid surveys? There are even earning opportunities for people who like posting comments on blogs. If all you ever do every day is use your computer and surf the Internet, then, it is about time to get your money back by doing things that you like, while earning! You should look forward to more posts in CashOutDecently. I will give you more information on websites that pay forum posters, and blog comment posters. You can also earn from reviewing things and gadgets that you use. If you are an online gamer, I can give you tips on how to earn money by testing online games. So there’s a lot of things to look forward to.

We will dissect all the options available on the Internet these days. This blog will aim to help regular people like me who wants to start earning armed with their laptops or desktops and internet connection. Yes, my friends, earning money even when you are just at home is possible.

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We protect your privacy. Your information is secured with us!

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