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“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” ~ Anthony Robbins (

Hello guys! This is Prime Aque and welcome aboard! I and my team, warmly invite you to participate so that we can establish an online community even more helpful to you. We are doing our best to publish informative articles to help you settle yourself with the right program you can rely on to make good money online from the comfort of your living room!

Important: Guest Post Checklist

Update – Feb. 14, 2014: I will not accept guest post from freelance writers who write for other companies. I only accept guest posts from bloggers who have personal blogs. I will only give dofollow link for their own blogs.

How about a Paid Guest Post? Yes, I accept paid guest post. If you blog for a company, you still can submit a paid guest post for COD following the checklist below. Contact me first.

Follow the important checklist below for guest post proposal (if you fail to format your letter according to the checklist Nos. 1 & 2, it will be ignored, checklist Nos. 3 to 10 must be followed in writing your guest post).

  1. Give 3 suggested “long tail” keywords with data about them (I will verify the reliability of the data provided).
  2. Give at least 3 suggested titles base on #1.
  3. Your article must be at least 700 words and must passed Copyscape.
  4. Your article must be divided by subheadings.
  5. Your long tail keyword must be present on the title, on one of the subheadings, and on the article body itself (must be sound natural)
  6. Any image attached must be Creative Commons Licensed materials (CC BY 2.0).
  7. Proceed writing the article upon a “go signal”.
  8. Write a short bio.
  9. You are entitled to one dofollow link at the bottom part of your article and another dofollow link at your author bio.
  10. You must have a Gravatar account and provide your email associated to your Gravatar account.

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